According to a report in the Catholic Herald, Cardinal Wilfrid Napier accused the BBC of undermining Christian moral values through “propaganda” that tells people “evil is good”.

In a series of tweets, the Cardinal said: “Hardly a day passes without [the BBC] promoting abortion, homosexuality, etc. The usual tactic is to identify a particular country, then isolate it as abnormal for outlawing xy or z.”


When told that, as a South African, he at least did not have to fund it through the license fee, Cardinal Napier responded: “But I do have to pay! Each time the propaganda is repeated I know more people are corrupted, myself included, by being told: “evil is good!”

Cardinal Napier did not give any specific examples, but his tweets came as the BBC reported Chilean constitutional court’s approval of the abortion bill with a picture of a joyous woman celebrating the decision.

The BBC declined to comment on Cardinal Napier’s accusation.

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